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Frequently Asked Questions

Wet Slips

Yes, wet slips have 120V, 15Amp electric service to accommodate charging batteries but not enough for shore power to power a houseboat. Potable water is also available to rinse down your vessel, but do not use any chemicals or soaps to wash your boat in the water.

No wet slips are fist come first serve basis.

We offer Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rates.

Payment is expected at the beginning of each period and your vessel must be insured.

High and Dry Boat Storage System

Service includes 1 in and 1 out per day to the water or the wash rack. Additional lifts are extra.

Our office is open 8AM to 5 PM daily excluding holidays, except for Independence Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. We can start service to the water or wash rack at 8:15AM and all vessels that want to be stowed for the evening must be back by 4:30PM.

Upon return dock your vessel at the point of entry for the boat lift and we will stow it first thing in the morning. If you are planning on going out for an evening cruise you can request last out and we will launch your vessel after 4:30 PM for your arrival.

We base our storage fees on the length, width, and height of your vessel. Length is billed with a minimum 20 Foot and we can only except boats that are a minimum of 16 feet in length.

It is from tip of the boat to the back of the engine or swim platform.

We require a minimum of a 12-month commitment, and you must have insurance on your vessel.

We cannot, the bottom configuration will not allow us to pick sailboats up and place them into the boat house. There are also limitations on Tri-Toons and other boats. Boats will be inspected prior to acceptance into the boat house.